About us

GrowthClub is a membership club for SMEs with ambitions to grow and scale.

Not all businesses have such ambitions or potential. But some have.

Businesses that want to grow have very different needs to those that don’t. On the one hand they need more working capital. They may have more demanding information needs – to ensure investors are fully briefed on business performance. They may need much more professional services support.

The purpose of GrowthClub is to create a community of business people who can share from each other at regular events, who can provide their perspectives via this site, and who will appreciate getting timely information about topics and issues that interest them.

Growing a business is a major challenge. Our focus will be on giving growth focused businesses a platform and an information portal. Over time we’ll consult with our members about the challenges they’re facing.

We hope to run regional events across the UK and Ireland over the coming months.

So, if you’re into growth and you love business, please consider joining us. We promise we won’t bombard you. If you feel we’re communicating with you too much it’s easy to unsubscribe. And we have a simple privacy policy that’s easy to understand.

Growth Club has been developed by Quadriga Consulting – a specialist in researched editorial and business-to-business thought leadership.