Editor in Chief – Jeffrey Peel

Jeffrey has run his own business for 13 years and has worked with many startups as well as companies that have successfully scaled. Jeff appears on the media regularly to discuss free market economics, the challenges facing small business and business-focused policy. Jeff has a Degree in Economics from Queen’s University, Belfast. He has also written and published a book on Customer Relationship Management.

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Finance & Funding Editor – Helena Krawitz

Having worked across all sizes of business, from barely-there start ups, to major multinationals, Helena has first-hand experience of what it takes to drive a growth agenda. Before establishing her own consulting business, she worked on a start-up concept for the healthcare sector, creating and testing a new business for elderly care.  Previously, she ran marketing, communications and brand functions in the financial services sector for over 10 years. Helena holds an Executive MBA from London Business School, a degree in Economics and Politics from Exeter University.

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People & HR Editor – Samantha Brook

Samantha has over 15 years of HR experience developed through roles in retail, hospitality, financial services and manufacturing. Latterly, Samantha was Group Head of HR for global speciality chemical manufacturer providing HR support across 34 countries. ‘People’ and ‘Sustainability’ are the driving force behind Samantha’s work as a consultant whereby she provides advice and support to companies in ensuring the importance people play to the long term sustainability of their business is recognised. Samantha holds a BSc in Management from Aston University and an MSc in Career Management from Birkbeck. 

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