The Scale-up Report

Sherry Coutou is an entrepreneur, non-exec Director, investor and advisor to companies, universities and charities.

Late last year she published a paper called The Scale-Up Report.

This document focuses on the relatively poor performance of the UK in producing companies that get to ‘scale’ i.e. become major employment and growth power-houses.

The report has been well publicised. But Sherry and her team are developing the ideas in the report and acting as a veritable pressure group for SMEs facing barriers to growth.

“What I believe should be emphasised is not start-ups or entrepreneurs in and of themselves, but the innovation ecosystems within which they operate and which they depend on if they are to become what does matter: high-growth innovative firms (of any size) within that system.” Sherry Coutou.

You can download Sherry’s report here and also sign-up for her regular newsletter.

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